Meet The Team

Roxy Westphal


I’m thrilled to be working with my close friend of over twenty years, Elizabeth Erwin, on the Girls on Fire Team. I’m a native Montanan and it will always be “home” to me, but after moving around the country (a lot!), I landed in Arizona 22 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I love to travel, having been to 22 countries and all but 4 states, enjoy entertaining friends and family and am always ready for an adventure. I’m at my best working with people, helping others achieve their goals. My husband and I have five children and 9 grandchildren.



Proud to be part of the Girls on Fire Team with Roxy Westphal, my close friend for over twenty years.I am a third generation Arizonan. Having named one of my three children, Sedona, my love of Arizona is evident. I am an avid hiker, into yoga and mindfulness. I love movies, travel, animals, adore my five, soon to be six grandchildren (watch out for my picture portfolio). I am known as a networker, a good friend, a great listener and a lover of life! Fun family fact: My Dad, an actor, had many roles in movies filmed in AZ, including as the priest who give the last rites to Val Kilmer in Tombstone, His favorite role.

Linda Williams


For more than 40 years, people in Arizona invited me into their homes to report the news. Now .. I literally hope to come into their homes for a different reason… to help them sell or buy a home! I’m thrilled to be pursuing my passion for real estate in a place I know and love! Joining the Girls On Fire Team is an honor.. we’d love to work with you!